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If you wish to redefine your travel, Elite is the way to go. After over 15 years in experience, we are proud to have made the kind of progress that ensures you get better services. Our professionalism, reliability, commitment has garnered a good reputation of world class services in all Chester areas. Whether you are in Ellesmere Port, Huntington, Deeside or Eccleston, you are assured of safe and efficient rides.

We Make All Your Events Memorable

It is not every day when your relative gets married. Similarly, your friend’s anniversary can only come once in a year. The most coveted business seminar may happen once in five years. You must choose to have a memorable by contacting us for service. We will assign to you the most polite and trained drivers who can handle your excited friends or family. Be assured that we will not allow a second-hand vehicle to pick you up. We have seen our competitors following the path and failing. Besides the fact that all our cars are new, we go a step ahead to inspect and monitor them using latest technology. Feel free to choose rides that represent your personality and needs. From the Mercedes Benz, BMWs, MPVs to jaguars, the choice is in your hands.

Hassle-Free Booking

When you are tired of answering unlimited questions before travel arrangements are completed, come to Elite. We do not waste your time but instead, our intuitive teams prepares in advance so that your booking is made easy. Our information systems are also updated. Whether you want to use a mobile app, phone call, or even an email, we are ready for you. You can use a range of payment methods, from debit to credit cards.

Competitive Rates for Highly Regarded Services

It makes perfect sense to try and save on costs of travel. After all, there are a range of things that you can do with your money. At the same time, you must never compromise on the quality of service. We are your travel agency of choice in these instances. All our packages are discounted to ensure that you are not robbed off your hard-earned money. Unlike our competitors, we do not charge you extra for delays and other hiccups that are inevitable in travel.  

We Will Always Keep In Touch

Our lines are open if you want to raise an issue or ask a question. We are at work when everyone else has called it a day. Our team is trained to listen and offer creative and customized solutions. If you just wish to know the best model of car for an event or airport transfer, we will be glad to help. When you do not know of the directions to a site in Chester, trust us to give you accurate information.

There is no room for regret with Elite’s taxi Chester services. Just do your booking now and leave the rest to our able team.

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