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8-9 Seater Minibus Hire

Are you wondering how you will travel in style as a small group? Well, Travel Eaze has set a good record in the area. There is not a day that goes by before a client calls Travel Eaze for group travel services. For over 15 years, we have satisfied clients with our luxurious, spacious, and clean minibuses. Our drivers arrive on time and are helpful enough to ensure that travel woes are eliminated. They have proven their capacity to interact with clients well. With their extensive knowledge of all Chester areas including Deeside and Huntington, you can never get lost.

Quick Solutions to Help You Maintain Your Sanity

If you are unsure of the type of ride that suits your needs, we are always prepared to come up with quick solutions. We can work with scanty details and still satisfy you. Our team will work while you rest. From planning, effective communication with your bank, to keeping in touch with you before the travel, we will do it all. Your peace of mind does, indeed, matter to us.

Complimentary Services 

As a business of good repute, we have friends and partners in high places. We are the first to know when events are held at Eccleston and Ellesmere Port. Call us and we will drive you safely to the best hotels in the cities. When your friends visit town for the first time, we will arrange for a meet and greet services. Our drivers will be waiting at the airport with a sign to make sure they are not confused or worried. We will help you make ideal vehicle choices for your luggage and companions.

Our Vehicles Are Perfect For Long Travels

Accidents and incidents are bound to happen during long-distant travel. It is particularly true if you go for service providers who do not care to maintain or replace the old minibuses. Avoid the stress by booking our well-maintained rides. Our credible mechanics repair and service the vehicles regularly. Old models are replaced by the new just to make sure that mechanical faults are kept minimal. Whether you are on smooth roads or rough terrains, our vehicles perform optimally.

Safe and Secure Booking

Travel Eaze is keen to protect all its clients from fraud and malice. We do not share your bank and location details with third parties, thanks to our strict code of ethics that restrict employees to maintain high levels of privacy and confidentiality. Besides this, our information technology team work tirelessly to ensure that our systems are secure.

We Value Effective Communication

One of the major reasons for delays and disappointments in travel is failure to communicate effectively. At Travel Eaze, we make it our business to obtain all the information we need before making travel arrangements. For feedback and queries, feel free to use emails or phone calls. Our hardworking customer care team will be there to assist you.

Given that Travel Eaze is best suited to offer 8-10 seat hire minibus services in Chester, what are you waiting for? Give us a call now!

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